Monday, July 18, 2011


Im back! Ok I haven't updated in a while cause I was at a music festival conference and then went directly to the beach for a week for vacation. Good news is, I FINISHED MOCKINGJAY! yay for accomplishments! Bad news, I didn't blog about every chapter, sorry..... I was at the beach and didnt have anything to write it down on. Plus it was so good, I didn't want to put it down! So I'll write about the whole thing! 

Ok this book is EPIC. Its like an action/adventure/government-overthrowing/physiological thriller!!!!! Its really late right now so I'm gonna continue tomorrow. 

But the next book I'm reading is Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse by Kaleb Nation. He's this youtuber/author my friend and I love. This friend got me the book for my birthday like 2 or 3 years ago,but I never read it! So now's my chance! I'm gonna go read now.........................


Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's A Rant!

hey people, i know i'm deviating from my usual topic but i need to rant about something 

ok so the church i go to has this camp were associated. everyone in the grades above me have gone. After my confirmation 2 years ago, Im the only person in my grade who shows up anymore, so I never went to the camp. Plus, all I've heard about the camp is all about the social drama. And let me tell you I HATE DRAMA!!!!!! I drives me insane. Plus, I don't give a shit about who is dating who. 

So today I was at my friends graduation party. Their younger sister, whom is pretty much my little sister, went to bed early, so I started hanging with the kids in the grade above me. I was talking to my one friend who likes Harry Potter. Then she started to talk to our other friend about the drama at the camp. I sat there and listened to this shit for like 20 minutes. Im telling ya, i almost lost it. Thank goodness my parents made us leave. 

Then I got home and Im writing this and watching Shaytards. 


Mocking jay chapter 3

Ok so it took me a whIle to read this chapter because I was reading it while going out to dinner with my parents and then they dragged me to a fireworks display at the beach near us.

Ok so in this chapter Katniss is a badass and demands all the shit before she becomes the mocking jay. Also , prim grew up way too fast and is all smartassy (that's a word, don't question me) and giving Katniss advice. I don't understand why they won't pardon Peeta, he is captured by the Capitol not working for them. president coin is starting to annoy me. Then after they make the agreement, Katniss gets the designs for her costume that Cinna made. I really don't get why he's dead. He just designed Katniss's wardrobe, he's not the leader of the rebellion. And when katniss goes down to the armory, why is her prep team chained up like that? Is 13 going baddie too?

Well we will find out!

On to the next chapter!

iPad spell check you are driving me insane!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mocking jay chapter 2!

Chapter 2 is finished!

So in chapter 2, Katniss explains how 13 is run with the whole schedule tattooed on your arm. Then she goes to the command room, which sounds FLIPPIN sweet! I would TOTALLY chill up in there. Everyone is watching a newscast from the Capitol which is an interview with Peeta. Katniss pushes everyone out of the way so she can be in the front row. Peeta talks to Ceasar about the last night in the arena and the rebellion. It's pretty emotional. Personally I think it's all just an act because he was the better public speaker at the opening ceremonies of the games than Katniss. After the interview is over, Katniss runs to the education room and hides in the closet. She rejoices the fact that Peeta is alive. Soon Gale joins her and inside so of course im like kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I honestly don't know weather I'm team Peeta or team Gale. Wait I don't want this to be like Twilight, which SUCKS. But that's book wise. Movie wise I want kTniss with peeta because Josh Hucterson (Peeta) is SUPERMEGAFOXYAWSOMEHOT whle Liam Hemisworse (Gale) is not and can rot in a cave with his girlfriend Miley Cyrus, whom I hate with a burning passion. Though his older brother Chris is TOTALLY awesome cause he's really cute and plays Thor. But that is a story for another post.

Back to mockingjay,

Gale comforts her and she agrees to be the mocking jay.

YAY for Katniss going along with stuff! And YAY for Peeta being alive! He seems like a pretty cool lad! If they get to do the Mockingjay movie, they should totes do an epic preparation montage right here. I can already see it coming!

So I don't know what to expect cause there isn't a real cliffhanger here. Alright I'm going to go back to reading!

Mockingjay chapter 1

Hey people!
This is the first of my posts while I read the hunger games final novel: mocking jay (spell check you're annoying me). Im excited to see what happens in the end. the hunger games is a good book series. You should check it out if you haven't already.

Mocking jay chapter 1. ( it's really annoying how these chapters don't have titles)

So in this chapter, katniss goes back to district 12 which had recently been bombed out by the capitol. She walks around the town and thinks about all the terror that the capitol has caused. Then she goes to the only part of 12 that wasn't destroyed, victor village. she goes to the house she lived in, and gets her sisters cat, her game bag, and her fathers old hunting jacket. She goes to her room and finds a white rose. She thinks the rose was left by President Snow, the douche bag that rules the country. She knows that the rose means he is watching her.

FORSHADOWING MUCH???????????????????

I need to read more to talk about stuff so I'm gonna get back to the book.



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